• The SEO Process

The SEO Process

The covenant spot a #1 natural/organic search is one of the most effective ways to drive users and potential business to your website.

For example If you sell blue widgets in Toronto and someone is unable to find your results when they type in "blue widgets Toronto" into the search box on Google.ca then your site may not be reaching your target audience.

When Cameron Finlayson initially meets with clients one of the most common questions he is asked is "How do I get my site listed at the top of google?".

This common question often has a rather dynamic answer. Its more of a process than a simple answer and once the site is designed by Cameron Finlayson there is unfortunately no guarantee that you will reach the desired #1 ranking for "blue widgets Toronto" .

This is done by developing a Search Engine Optimization strategy specific to your desired search phrase(s).

Although there are no guarantees for #1 rankings developing a strategy will help increase your odds of reaching this desired spots. Cameron Finlayson has a proven track record of helping clients reach #1 rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and a variety of other common search engines.

In some cases if your search term is unique and you do not have much competition within your industry it can be a relatively quick process taking anywhere between 2-3 months.