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Off Page SEO

Search Engines use a variety of ways to find your website. The most common way a website will find you is by using a search-bot. The term search-bot comes from a search robot which is a script that is developed by Search Engines to find your page online.

Consider your website as a leaf on a tree. If the leaf falls off the tree and lands on the ground the leaf eventually blows away into the wind.

If that leaf (your website) is connected to a branch of the tree, and that tree branch is still connected to the trunk of the tree then you are connecting with all the other leaves within that tree.

If that tree is isolated all on its own the communication between the other leafs stops at the trunk of the tree. If that tree is in a densely populated forest and your tree has branches resting on other trees then you will find your website (the leaf) is well networked within the forest.

This analogy demonstrates the importance of page linking.

Page linking can be a time intensive and overall a difficult task. Cameron Finlayson has access to a wide variety linking and allows you to focus on running your business while his team works on developing a linking strategy for you.

Link popularity development

1 Way Links : Website A links to Website B but there is no link from Website B to Website A


3 Way Links : Website A links to Website B and Website B is asked to link back to Website C.  This results in the main website being promoted!


By using a 3 Way linking your site is being promoted more frequently, reached more often and this will help your website reach the desired #1 ranking.

This strategy requires a several month commitment.  On average it takes between 2-3 months for Google and 3-5 months for Yahoo.

Every month on the 1st and 15th of each month Cameron Finlayson will email you a baseline ranking report allowing you to see the direct results your Off Page Optimization.

If you would like to talk to Cameron Finlayson about developing a full Search Engine Optimization strategy please contact Cameron.