Managed Services - Starport

Cameron Finlayson recommends Starport Managed Services

Business is now digital - no organization can run without effective technology strategies. Yet with all the advantages, the exploding complexity of IT infrastructure and business software has many companies struggling to get the ROI they expect on their investments. Instead, they feel they are at the mercy of their IT, spending more time worrying about its maintenance and security than leveraging it to achieve strategic objectives across their organization.

Businesses cannot tolerate unpredictable performance and added costs that come with maintaining their IT systems. Competitive pressure require IT performance for business operations, but less than 20% of an organization's IT budget is dedicated to business innovation. Increasingly, even small and medium size businesses (SMBs) serve customers around the world, but they are unable to monitor and measure performance of their systems around the clock because they lack appropriate management software or staff skills.

Critical to business operations, IT must be maintained as a manageable tool that empowers people to achieve goals.

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