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About Cameron Finlayson

Cameron Finlayson Illustration
Cameron Finlayson has been providing graphic design services and electronic communications services since 2000. His clientele includes businesses in the media, television, public relations, health care, athletic, artistic, industrial, engineering, sports, financial services, consulting, food services and educational industries.

Cameron Finlayson provides many services in a variety of very similar mediums, which can help your business large or small.

The best way to describe Cameron's services would be a " one stop shop for new media " if you need a website, business card printed and designed, and/or video produced Cameron is able to help you with all your needs every step of the way.

Two key elements for Cameron's success are design and his ability to think outside the box on every project he starts. Cameron is no stranger to working under tight deadlines to ensure client satisfaction so it is never too late to contact Cameron.

Cameron cannot remember a time when there was not a computer nearby and even in the early stages of the Commodore 64 he was trying to figure out how the games work and programming his own applications. Now in the era of convergence Cameron is still surrounded with computers and new media devices. Cameron now uses both Apple Macintosh and PC Windows computer systems and also has both hooked up to several video editing and new media devices.

Cameron successfully completed an Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree in Culture, Communications, Information and Technology from Queen's University in 2000, and received a post-graduate certificate in E-Commerce from Ryerson University in 2001.

While attending both University programs Cameron was working full time for much of it in the area of new media in both web and print in addition to being a full time student because he enjoyed the challenge and opportunity this provided. Cameron is now doing what he loves for a living he is very enthusiastic and excited about his job and his clients, in turn they have a positive working relationship with him.

Cameron has volunteered his time for arts programs, children's charities and to sports committees. 

Cameron has many interests in the media and communications fields. Cameron also loves producing short films, playing squash, tennis, golf, working out at the gym, skiing, camping and digital photography. On September 24, 2005 Cameron married Pamela Booker his long time girlfriend of seven years from Queen's University. They live in Toronto and have one Daughter!